The Jura range is comprehensive. The Jura comparison table below is based on our recommendations that are determined on planned use.

Why buy Jura from us?jura authorised dealer

Quaffee have over a decade experience with Jura coffee machines. As a result we only offer Jura and WMF automated machines. They are both superb automatic coffee makers, reliable and well supported in South Africa.

Our prices include VAT, installation for South African conditions (or courier, for regions we have no agent) and 2x500g of our coffees.

We also offer coffee independent rentals on Jura and WMF machines.

Our recommendations

Note: The quality of coffee a coffee machine makes, is linked to the quality of the coffee used, read more about our range of coffee here…

Domestic Machines

Domestic / Small Office

Tank and bean hopper, provide enough water and beans for daily domestic consumption. Micro 90 is for those that love milk in their coffee (but drink less than 5 cups a day). The E6/E8 is for the more demanding domestic user, or the office with less than 10 people, a larger tank (than the A1/90), and large dose is on offer. The E6 is the recommended domestic machine, the E8 adds one touch cappuccino.
Jura A1… (our choice) Jura Ena Micro 90… Jura Impressa E6… Jura Impressa E8…
Jura A1 coffee machine Jura Ena Micro 90 Jura Impressa E6 Coffee Maker Jura Impressa E8

R9,995.00R10,800.00 incl. VATSelect options

R14,695.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

R14,695.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

R17,395.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

Office / Division

Executive home / office

Front Office One Touch

For up to 30 people in an office the F9 does coffee and one touch milk based drinks. With a larger tank and bean hopper the WE8 increases that to about 60 people per machine. The Z6 adds good looks and easy of use to the mix, making it perfect in an executive home or office. For the up market front office the XJ9 or even two of them
Jura F9… Jura WE8… Jura Z6.. our choice Jura XJ9…
Jura Impressa F9 (Front)
About to be discontinued!
Jura Impressa WE8 front view Jura Impressa Z6 Coffee Maker Jura Impressa XJ9 Front

R17,430.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

R20,800.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

R32,500.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

R38,500.00 incl. VATAdd to basket

Machines Missing?

As mentioned in the introduction, the machines we recommend are the ones we believe offer the best from Jura. Other machines in the range that we like (like the WE6 are not available in South Africa), and machines that many others recommend (like the Jura Xs9) we feel do not offer the best from Jura. You may also notice that we do not list the GIGA range. This range takes Jura in to the playing field where WMF has been dominant for decades. And while in Europe, the USA and Australia this range come with full onsite serviceable backup, this is not the case in South Africa. For this reason we recommend the WMF range instead, as the backup support in South Africa is onsite.

Jura Comparison

Feature set summary table of the Jura bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine models that we have the most demand for.









Connector System no Yes Yes Yes
Fine Auto Frother only frothed milk n/a internal Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Professional Frother (milk hot and frothed) n/a internal Yes Yes Yes
One Touch Cappuccino n/a Yes semi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brewing Strengths 2 5 10 12
Water Tank (Litres) 1.1 1.9 1.9 3 5.7 2.8 4
Bean Hopper (grams) 110 200 280 500 280 500
Cup Illumination Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Active Bean Monitoring (pre-notify you that beans running low) Yes Yes Yes
Has storage section Yes Yes
Thermo Blocks (boilers) 1 2 1
Grinds Bin (portions) 10 16 16 25 40 20 40
Programmable Functions 3 3 5+3/4+2 4+2 8+4 11 16 20
Hot Water Dispensed from n/a spout frother/(F9-spout) hot spout
Froth after brew (delay before system at correct heat) < 10sec immediate immediate < 10sec
Cups between service 10,000
Cups between clean 200 220
Other features small foot print Auto rinse on start on/off has daily program TFT screen; height and width adjustable spout
TFT screen 154mm spout ht, optional large bean hopper, plumable 154mm spout height

Great coffee too?

Jura machines need great coffee too. Here is a list of some:

  • Armonizar Coffee Blend

    Armonizar Coffee Blend

    R270.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Pântano, Brazil

    Brazilian Pântano (Pulp-Natural) Cataui coffee beans

    R440.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Bunna Blend

    Bunna Blend (an african only coffee blend)

    R440.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Burundia Heza from Gitwe Hill

    Burundian Heza from Gitwe Hill (washed) Arabica Bourbon

    R440.00 incl. VAT / kg
    Select options
  • Burundian Nkonge red Honey

    Burundian Nkonge (red honey processed) coffee beans (vineyard only)

    R460.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Asorganica,Cauca,Colombia

    Colombian Asorganica from Cauca coffee beans

    R500.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Decaf, Le Serrania, Colombia

    Colombian Decaf, La Serrania from Huila coffee

    R500.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • La Piramide, Cauca, Colombia

    Colombian La Piramide from Cauca coffee

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    R460.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Los Naranjos, Huila, Colombia

    Colombian Los Naranjos from Huila coffee

    R460.00 incl. VAT / kg
    Select options
  • Costa Rican San Francisco (honey processed) coffee

    R460.00 incl. VAT kg
    Select options
  • Limu Konjo, Ethiopia

    Ethiopian Limu Konjo (washed) coffee

    R460.00 incl. VAT per kg
    Select options
  • Sidama G2, Ethiopia

    Ethiopian Sidama G2 coffee beans

    R300.00 incl. VAT / kg
    Select options