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Jura Z10 – The new flag ship coffee machine

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The Jura Z10 is the latest edition of the pinnacle of the Jura automatic coffee machine domestic range. Perfect for the executive kitchen or the boardroom that wants to make a statement. Can brew all standard hot coffees, and now adds cold brew to the mix.

We install in Cape Town and Johannesburg and included 2x500g of very different styles of coffee.

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The Jura Z10 is an update on Jura’s flagship domestic product range.

Setting the bar

The Jura Z series has always set the bar for Jura’s domestic range and executive range. Since the original Z5 is 2004 the Z series has stood as the machine all other machines are referred to.

Now the new Z10, Launched June 2021, becomes the reference again. With significant additions and upgrades including:

  • A Product Recognising Grinder (PRG™). Now the grinder can be set finer or coarser per product, or even on the fly. Allowing for both personal taste and specific fineness per product.
  • A new “3D” brew unit, the eight generation of the Jura brew unit, that improves flow through the puck, by brewing at multiple brew angles.
  • Cold brew program. The first of its kind. Now you can brew coffee using a cold extraction method, but still produce crema and do so in minutes rather than hours.

Jura Z10

The new Z10 doubles the range of programmable coffee preparations (or what Jura call specialities). One of the additions that offers up a whole new enjoyment of coffee is the introduction of cold brew preparations. All made possible thanks to the Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.), which recognises the chosen preparation and instantly and precisely adjusts the fineness of grind accordingly.

The JURA  developed Cold Extraction Process is an innovation. In this process, cold water is slowly pulsed through the freshly ground coffee under high pressure. Result, an entirely new way of experiencing coffee from a Jura.

Design language

The Z10 builds on the Z concept and adds a convex-concave front panel. This aluminium panel acts as visible proof of attention to detail and manufacturing precision. Its high quality makes the Z10 a statement of excellent taste.


  • Cold Extraction Process
  • Intelligent preheating
  • 3D brewing technology
  • Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.)
  • Active bean monitoring
  • Automatic switch over from milk to milk foam
  • Smart mode
  • JURA Cockpit with maintenance status display
  • WiFi connection to home network – Transmitter supplied as standard
  • Height & width dual spout (78 – 150 mm / 24 – 50 mm)
  • 2.4 L Water tank capacity
  • 280g Bean container holding capacity
  • 20 Coffee grounds container (approx. servings)
  • 32 programmable coffee preparations (specialities)
  • Pot of coffee option
  • Hot water spout (for green tea, and other drinks)
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
  • Variable brewing unit 5 – 16 g
  • Powder chute for ground coffee
  • Aroma preservation cover
  • 10 adjustable coffee strength (Levels)
  • Auto-switch between milk / milk foam
  • 10 milk / milk foam temperature (Levels)
  • 3 brewing temperatures (Levels)
  • Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.)
  • Dimensions: 32 x 38 x 45cm (WxHxD)

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Additional information

Jura Features

Active Bean Monitoring, Auto Milk Frother, One Touch, Preground powder shaft, Touch screen

Jura Specs

Bean hopper: 280g, Brewing Temps: 3, Grind bin portions: 20, Pot of coffee, Preground coffee, Programmable strengths: 10, Tank: 2.8L, TFT Screen, Variable Milk temps






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