Jura fine foam frother (New)

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Jura fine foam frother for fine milk foam. Compatible with the easy connect system it creates finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency.

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The Jura fine foam frother is suitable for all Jura coffee machines with the easy connector system.

The Jura frother produces impressive fine foam technology that helps creates a finely textured milk foam. Inside the multi-chamber system the milk is drawn in, heated, and then frothed up with air.

The fine foam frother is designed in the pure, elegant Jura style and can be used with all coffee machines equipped with a connector system.

Regular cleaning

Like anything that works with milk, cleaning on a daily basis is a necessity. As soon as milk is heated it changes in nature and if the system is not rinsed and cleaned can become unhygienic and block the system. A milk frother that does not froth is dirty.

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