Jura Decalcification

We recommend that since most of South Africa’s water is quite soft, that using an inline filter is not really necessary. But this does mean that every 220 liters or so you will need to descale or decalcify your Jura.

What you need?

Before you start the process we recommend you have the following at hand:

  • Jura descaling tablets.
  • Some way to measure 500ml of water.
  • Optional: a vessel for the flushed water (you can also use the grind bin).
  • Water.

Jura descale pack
Jura F50 descalingintotank1


Hint: it does help to use lukewarm water to dissolve the tablets.

  1. Assuming the machine is asking to be descaled, press the button to start the process. You can also force the machine to run the process if you want, see manual for details.
  2. The machine will say something like Empty Tray.
  3. Remove any milk frother that is removable from the machine.
  4. Remove the tray from the middle of the machine, and clean. If you want you can then use the grinds container to catch the flushed water as part of the process so you can then put the tray back without that.
  5. Machine with probably say something like Solvent in tank.
  6. Remove the tank save the water for later, either in the tank or in a 500ml vessel, completely dissolve the descaling tablets (3 of them, or 1 set)) in the 500ml water.
  7. Wait until the water is clear.
  8. Then place the tank back on the machine.
  9. The process will now start, and may have some instructions. It takes around 30 mins.
  10. Once all the solvent water has gone through the machine it will say: Empty Tray again.
  11. Empty the tray, clean.
  12. The machine will say Fill Tank.
  13. Remove, clean and fill the tank and return it to the machine.
  14. Now it will remove the solvent from the system. This takes about 10 minutes.
  15. Done.

Jura Video

Find below the video Jura mde for descaling the Jura E8.


Issue Resolution
Coffee tastes funny: Either the tank was not cleaned or the water that was used to flush the system after the descale, still had some descaling stuff in it. Repeat the process (without using a tablet) or run about 500ml water through the machine.
Repeating: The machine wants to run the process again. This occurs when less than 500ml water was used as part of the process. Repeat process but do not use the tablet merely have 500ml in the tank for it to clean the machine with.
Pills not dissolving, I added the pills to the water and they are not dissolving. Make sure you use the correct pills, they are square not round.

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