Jura descaling tablets

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Jura descaling tablets are used to remove any built up scale and similar damaging chemicals in the relatively thin pipes in the Jura machines.

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Since we seldom recommend the Claris filter, you will need Jura descaling tablets when you Jura requests a descaling.

Designed to extend the service life of your coffee machine. When use as prescribed the tablets remove scale while still being easy on your machine.

Each Pack containing 3×3 pcs

Phosphate free

Jura is dedicate to an awareness of environmental issues. Hence they promote sustainable use of resources and energy. This explains why Jura’s original descaling tablets contain no phosphates. Add to this the optimised formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene while protecting the environment and delivering the perfect coffee result at the same time.

Using Jura descaling tablets

Consult your manual to see how to use your descaling tablets. Important to remember is that the descaling tablets must be completely dissolved when starting the descaling process.

Typically your machine will guide you through the descaling process. At the point that the machine asks for the solvent in tank, wait for the tablets to be completely dissolved.

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