Our coffee related services include:


Frog Quaffer keen to sign Coffee machine long term rental
Looking for an off balance sheet approach to place a coffee machine in your office, long term?
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Supply contracts

Froq Q signing coffee service and supply contract 200
One contract to do it all? Our coffee service and supply contracts provide coffee, maintenance goods and build in the costs for standard maintenance of the coffee machine, including regular grinder replacement.
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Jura coffee machine repairs
Have Jura and need it repaired? We will facilitate it for you.
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Coffee related services

We help take the hassle of purchasing, service and repairing your traditional super automatic coffee machines. Particularly focused on companies that are based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, these offering are designed for lovers of coffee and convenience. Accordingly, we recognise that these offerings are focused on the small to medium-sized business.

Generally speaking, offices want to enjoy the benefits of great coffee, without the extra admin or associated increased cost. Whenever this is a requirement of outsourcing this involves, coffee machine hardware, maintenance of the said hardware, and supply of the coffee beans. All these offerings we provide under our services banner.