Uncommon grounds by Mark Pendergrast

In Uncommon ground’s Mark Pendergrast mentions a a survey was done during the 1929 recession. The survey was done then, since people where more fastidious about what they drank, as they wanted as much bang for the buck as they could get.

The survey was on the preferred drinking habit of coffee drinkers. After the survey results were published it was concluded that fresh roasted, freshly ground coffee resulted in the best tasting brew.

Ponder this! Why then is this still even debated.

Surely by now we should be common knowledge, that this is still the case?

But still instant and pod coffee rear its convenience head. Is the average Joe really a slave to the advertising moguls who dictate which brand is better because they say it is so. If after 80 years people are still that generally ignorant (as the say on QI) to say they are coffee lovers and in the same breath tell us about a solution that is neither fresh roasted nor freshly ground.

Surely the collective must eventually wake up a realise the truth, or are we dreaming? Since 1930 how many similar studies independent or not have found the same thing.

Instead of let’s rather buy the pretty packaging because branding is more important than quality. Perhaps not!

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