I came across this article today saying that a Japanese power production company is going to add coffee grinder to the coal it already uses to help with power production. Only 1% of the power will be driven by the coffee grounds, but the good news is that it produces more friendly CO2 as a bonus.

And 1% is 1%. Essentially they are purchasing tons of coffee grinds, that would normally do nothing be be thrown away, and they are adding that 1:99 to coal so that the fire produced to drive the steam through the turbines is complimented by the coffee grinds.

This satisfies 2 of the three R in reduce, recycle and reuse. And I for one say this needs to be recognised, the Japanese are driven by necessity to ensure that their waste is reduced at every turn, and this is just another way they are doing it.

Add to this the fact that studied should coffee in the office increases production, and coffee is powering the economy forward in it own unique way.

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