4 / 6 Brew Method Tetsu Kasuya

Source: Presentation of Tetsu Kasuya – Japan – Brewers Cup Dublin 2016 – final winner.

What is the 4 : 6 Brew Method

  • It is a method where you divide water you are using to brew the coffee into 40% and 60%.
  • The first 40% you pour in 2 pours
  • The last 60% you decide the number depending on the strength you want

The 40%

The first 2 pours determine the balance between acidity and sweetness. If you use more water in first pour it increases acidity. If you use more water in the second pour it increases sweetness. The second pour you start after all water has stop dripping through the grinds – or at least 45 seconds.

The 60%

The number of remaining you do determines the strength of the coffee. The more pours the stronger the coffee (and the more strength the more the flavours can get muddled). If the grind is course – increase pours to increase strength,


Course – coffee weaker – lower TDS
He used 20g coffee to 300g water

Read more: 2016-world-brewers-cup-champion-tetsu-kasuya.


There is now a Youtube video of the 4:6method, see here:

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