Jura milk system cleaner

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Jura milk system cleaner 250 ml  and 1 litre when used regularly ensure the Jura milk system are clean and hygienic. Regular use ensures you get froth as expected.



We recommend one Jura milk system cleaner 250 ml per month. Using only 10 ml per day is all that is needed to clean the milk system.

We have a saying at Quaffee, if the milk system is not frother milk it is dirty. If you think you cleaned and it is not frothing it is dirty. The Jura milk system cleaner is the easiest way to clean the Jura frothers. Add the milk system cleaning container, and it is even easier.

Effective yet gentle

Jura’s fine foam technology allows you to enjoy with milk froth. Therefore to keep things that way, Jura developed the milk system cleaner. Together with the automatic cleaning programme, the Jura milk system cleaner effectively removes milk fats and proteins. Henceforth this keeps the pipes clean and hygienic.


By and large there is a long history of pronounced awareness of environmental issues and sustainable use of resources and energy at Jura. This explains why Jura’s original cleaning tablets contain no phosphates. Hence optimised protection formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene for your coffee machine while protecting the environment at the same time.

Instructions for use of Jura milk system cleaner 250 ml

  1. Use Milk system cleaner according the instructions for use of your machine. Take care to use the correct quantity of cleaner and the correct quantity of fresh water. We typically recommend 10 ml of the milk cleaner per 200 ml.
  2. Start the cleaning operation as described in the instructions for use of your machine./li>
  3. After cleaning, rinse the device with fresh water according to the instructions for use of your machine. We typically recommend at least 200 ml.

It is important that the rinsing process is complete to ensure the milk is not tainted.

Additional information


1 litre, 250ml


Buitenverwachting, Vineyard Hotel




250ml milk system cleaner


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