Jura cup warmer

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The Jura Cup Warmer is designed to keep your coffee cups warm, and be slim enough to fit next you your automatic coffee machine.

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The Jura cup warmer is designed for those that like to have a neat place to store their coffee cups, and keep them warm.

Cups at 55 °C

It should be noted that all super automatic coffee machines produce coffees in a range of 90 to 95 °C. Add to this that the milk fridges combined with the milk frothers generally serve milk at around 60°C, or lower. With this in mind for those the prefer coffee served hot the Jura Cup warmer keep the cups at 55°C. Should hot coffee be poured into cold porcelain cups, a lot of heat is lost. Thereby reducing the heat of the final beverage.

Furthermore the elegant, slim cup warmer, Jura offers is the ideal accessory for any automatic speciality coffee machine. Given that the unit has two heating elements the cups are constantly keep at a temperature of approximately 55°C.

Optimum storage space

Given that this slim cup warmer is fitted with a modern cushioning system the two drawers close silently. Coupled with that is it capacity designed optimally suited to coffee cups with a diameter of up to 90 mm and up to 110 mm tall. Each level provides space for 5 standard espresso cups (57 mm), 4 standard coffee cups (66 mm) or 6 standard cappuccino cups (90 mm). Of course the closed system prevents valuable heat energy from being lost as well as the cups from getting dusty.

Warm cups just when they’re needed

Given that the modern cup warmer need to be eco-intelligence, the Jura cup warmer comes with a programmable automatic switch-on and switch-off time. Consequently it can be easily adapted to meet your needs to pre-warms the cups at exactly the right time for when you would like to enjoy your coffee.

Jura cup warmer video

We at Quaffee do not prescribe that cups absolutely need to be heated for the coffee to be its best. In fact we sometimes think a frozen cup produces the best espresso. However with this in mind we have still included the Jura video on the cup warmer. So click here to watch…

In Figures
Cable Length 1.1 m
Power 60 Watttd>
Voltage 120 – 240 alternating current
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Weight 3.8 kg
Width 12.2 cm
Height 30.6 cm
Depth 34.9 cm
Conformity mark
Article Number 68565

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 349 × 122 × 306 mm



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