Green Brazilian Pântano coffee beans (process: pn)

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Green Pântano Brazil a pulp natural processed Catuai arabica from near Patos de Minas.

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The Green Brazilian Pântano is a full traceable coffee sourced via Expocaccer and Falcon Specialty.


We visited Expocaccer when we went to Brazil in 2016. Expocaccer is a collaboration of over 500 farmers, driven to identify specialty grade coffees from all farm members.

Prior to Expocaccer all lots with mixed and sold to the large cooperative. Now coffee lots are separated, and those that cup at 83 or more, are then offered as specialty lots.

Read more about Expocaccer via our post on our visit: Expocaccer visit…

Pântano, Brazil

Located in the Cerrado, close to the city of Patos de Minas, Fazenda Pântano (swamp in Portuguese) comprises a total of 550 hectares. More than 300 hectares have been allocated for permanent natural forest reserves – 6 times Brazil’s legal mandate. The farm has received the Sustainable Practices award from the country’s most prestigious agricultural magazine, Globo Rural.

Working closely with the Brazilian Coffee Research Institute then Pânato team interrogate processing and flavour. With this intention the farm currently grows over 148 varieties of coffee, most of which are in experimental production. Moreover each part of the land is seen as different, and is cultivated with respect to its diversity.

Senhor Wagner, the owner, is fastidious with waste and plans to reduce the use of chemicals and water as much as possible in coming years. Notably the farm is currently divided into plots made up of 1 hectare squares, for each of which soil analysis is performed and specific water and pesticide treatments prescribed accordingly. A meteorological station on site measures:

  • their daily necessity of water,
  • the quantity of rain,
  • the soil’s water retention and
  • the amount of ground water in its first 40 centimetres.

Pântano has been a pioneering farm in Minas Gerais, the first in the region to treat each hectare of land individually. Wagner and Fazenda Pântano have become a reference for sustainability the world over and importers Falcon Speciality are very proud of their achievements. Not only are the coffees of outstanding quality, but the farm’s commitment to a sustainable and ethical practice is something we deeply respect and try to embody in our own business as well.

We visited the farm in 2016 and found they also have a frog as a mascot. Read more about our visit to the farm here…

Details of Green Brazilian Pântano

On each bag of Pântano has a QR code that lets us trace the coffee, here is a link to the website that it takes us too… (it is also included in the pictures)

Region: Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm: Pântano
Processing: Pulp Natural, dried in sun on raised tables.
Varietal: 100% Arabica: Catuaí amarelo.
Altitude: 1150 masl.
Harvest: 2017/2018
Bag type: Hessian with GrainPro.
Characteristics: Nuts and coca, with a medium mouth feel.
Certiciations: UTZ, RFA
Roast we use: High charge with heat added immediately, then maintained through browning, and drop at first crack

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