Jura CLARIS water filter cartridge (in tank)

Jura CLARIS water filter for Jura coffee machines. Recommended for waters harder than 7 degrees hardness or preventing the use of descaling tablets.

Note that each type of CLARIS water filter cartridge fits a particular Jura machine. Make sure you select the correct one.

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The Jura CLARIS water filter cartridge is used in a Jura machine with and without built-in intelligence.

Since most of the water in South Africa is fine for coffee with a typical hardness less than 6° we seldom recommend water filters. However, for those that either have harder water than normal or do not like using the descaling tablets, Jura recommends the CLARIS filters. Note that each type of CLARIS water filter cartridge fits a particular Jura machine. Make sure you select the correct one.

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Jura CLARIS water filter cartridge

Since coffee is typically 98% water, water of the highest quality is essential to creating a great possible coffee experience.

Smart filters (they are grey) use RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology. This allows the coffee machine can continually communicate with the filter. It recognises whether a filter has been inserted and automatically activates the appropriate mode. While it continually collects information about filter use, it sends an alert, when the filter capacity has been exhausted. Thereby not only making changing the filter easier than ever before but also allows the CLARIS Smart to achieve optimum effectiveness.

Removes the need for descaling

The right water is crucial to the taste of the coffee because coffee consists in fact of 98 % water. In addition to calcium, minerals and fluorides. If the tap water contains traces of lead, copper, aluminium and chlorine filtration may be necessary. Positioned directly in the water tank, the Jura CLARIS filter filters the water every time coffee is prepared. Absorbing harmful substances while retaining important fluorides, which help the flavours to really develop. With the optimum water quality, every cup of coffee becomes a full-bodied taste experience. CLARIS eliminates the need to descale the machine.

Which is the right filter cartridge for my JURA coffee machine?

  • White filter – for white on black filter holder on top of the tank (50 ltr)
  • Blue filter – for blue on white filter holder on top of the tank (50 ltr)
  • Grey filter – for machines that take the smart filter (50 ltr)
  • Grey filter Pro – for machines take the pro smart filter (big 200 ltr one)

Jura’s video on CLARIS water filters


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Additional information

Water filter type

blue, pro-smart (grey) 200ltr, smart (grey), white




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