Barista Hustle Tamper for precision espresso baskets

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A 58.4mm diameter tamper fits precision baskets. An unique double flange eliminates the frustrating vacuum effect and helps keep you vertical. The base is made out of 304 stainless steel flat.

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The Barista Hustle Tamper is essentially version 2 of the “Pergtamp”. The lessons learnt applied.

Two versions

There are two versions of the tamper. While the base fits in both (and we believe is the reason this tamper is a winner), there is an aluminium and plastic version. The aluminium is black and is the heaviest at 250g. The plastic is the white one, while a little lighter we like its feel.

The Barista Hustle team chose Aluminium. It’s a high-performance metal commonly used to replace more expensive parts. It’s strong, durable, and food safe. When hard anodised it has a wonderful tactility.

About Design

The most striking thing about the tamper is its design. In this case, the double flange is distinct. Specifically designed like this, the double flange allows for easy replacement of the base. In addition, the double flange is claimed to reduce the backward vacuum, when the tamper is withdrawn from the fresh-pressed puck. Since the base is 4mm larger than a standard base, this is probably necessary.

Also part of this design is the two-piece construction. Both handle and base are machined from solid rod stock, with an incredibly precise CNC machine. As a result, this tamper feels like quality.

The handle is designed to sit right in the middle of most peoples hands. Not too big for small hands, not too small for large hands. Interestingly the most important dimension here was the width of the top end. Of course, one size cannot fit all, so an additional size may be released.

Design for Precision Baskets

This tamper is designed specifically for use in Precision baskets, like the VST, La Marzocco and IMS. These baskets made a massive impact on extraction, and the Barista Hustle team claim the tamper increases extract by at least 2% more.


There is very little to fault with this tamper. If you have precision baskets then perhaps this is the next tool you may find helps just push you espresso extraction percentage up.


Aluminium, Plastic


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