Why the frog?

What does a frog have to do with Quaffee?

It all happened in 2006. Warren sat down and casually drew a coffee bean. He thought that it looked like a mouth and so added two eyes above it. His two-year-old daughter, Julia, was watching him draw and pointed to the sketch and said, “frog”.

Warren is as passionate about care for our environment as he is about the coffee that is grown in our only habitat. He thinks about the best ways to ensure that our environment is kept safe, not only for Julia’s generation but for the next generation of children and generations after that. Frogs are known for their sensitivity to minute changes in the environment; a small change in water quality or temperature can spell disaster for frogs and their offspring. A healthy environment will see generations of frogs continue to flourish.

This is why the Quaffee frog is a constant reminder to Warren and all of us of the sensitivity and care we need to maintain for our environment and the people in it; from our relationships with the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans that we buy, to the way that we roast their beans, to the way that we package and deliver them to you, to the advice that we give to you.

We strive to buy coffee from growers who share our passion for healthy growing conditions which result in a harvest of quality, rather than quantity, of coffee beans.

This means that the coffee farms that we buy from will continue to survive and produce beans from one generation to the next. And the frogs will continue to thrive too.

‘Quaffee in Every Cup’

a special thanks to Leonard Shapiro, from Lateral Leap – for putting this description together for us.

Quaffee Quality Coffee

More history

Listen to the interview done in April 2020 with Cape Coffee Beans by clicking below. We discuss the history of Quaffee and its founder Warren Quaffer.

It is just under 90 minutes.

What is covered in the pod

  • Warren’s Background
  • The starting of Quaffee
  • How Quaffee evolved into what it is today
  • Our sourcing philosophy
  • Who the team is
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