Every company should have an environmental policy. What is ours?

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy reduce reuse recycle

At Quaffee we are trying to do our bit when it comes to the environment. As a summary, here are the steps we have taken to reduce the impact we have on our environment.

  • Paper: All paper work we produce is on Typek Green – a 50% recycled paper. All pamphlets are printed on paper that is recognised as having a low carbon foot print.
  • Recycling: Our coffee bags are a first. The first locally made, fully recyclable coffee packaging.
  • We use no packaging gasses or any auxiliary chemicals in the process of roasting and preparing our coffee. We offer to recycle our packaging for our clients.
  • Reduction:
    • We carefully plan routes for collection and delivery and by doing so have reduced our kilometres travelled by at least 30%.
    • Unless we have an urgent demand, we ship our green beans by sea and South African roasted coffees by road or rail.
    • We use solar power for our lights (which are all low voltage LED) and computers in the office.
    • Coffee grinds, from coffee consumed in the office, are used in our own compost and for mulching.
    • We host our site as local as possible, currently it is hosted in Edgemead.

All employees of Quaffee strive to personally reduce, reuse and recycle too.

Easy Recycling

Our head office is based in Constantia; however, the council has no a recycling policy in place in Constantia. Because of this, we use a third party to do our recycling, easy recycling.

It should be noted that The Vineyard Hotel are very involved in recycling, and we use their program to reduce-reuse and recycle.


Real sustainability from the planting of the coffee seed through to the seedling, the tree, the harvest, milling, packaging, transport and roasting is something we are excited to promote. Sustainability of the environment, the remuneration to all who work with the coffee, until the final roasted bean.