Sustainability is at the core of our worldwide sourced coffees. Sustainable for the producer, the environment and all parties up to the consumer.

Using a roast profile we believe exposes the best of each coffee, they are roasted only once ordered. All our coffees we taste and score them on complexity and body. Coffees that score 4 stars and above are specialty grade.

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  • Sidama G2, Ethiopia

    Ethiopian Sidama G2 coffee beans (FW)

    R75.00R300.00 incl. VAT

    Also known as Sidamo washed. An earthy and medium to full-bodied coffee for all day drinking from the southern Ethiopian highlands. This is a co-operative coffee. This coffee has 3 star flavour complexity, with earthy and stone fruit characteristics. Crop date not always know assumed at least less than 2 years old.