We offer a coffee subscription service that allows you to get different coffees (or the one you like). Select either weekly, bi-weekly (fortnight) or monthly. You select the quantity of coffee you want to get.


You are only invoiced at the beginning of a month. So, only pay once a month. Coffee is automatically dispatched or delivered to the elected delivery address as per the schedule you requested. You will receive an email on the last working day of the week before we deliver or dispatch your coffee, to remind you the coffee is coming.


Change the coffee you want by responding to the email we send. Change the quantity or cancel the coffee delivery during the billing month. We can change it the next month or cancel it. No contract is required, simply notify us via email.


The subscription range of coffees offered is:

  • Specialty blends: This option cycles through all blends with at least 4-star complexity. Specialty blends are blends of only single origin coffee that are at least a specialty quality coffees (excluding limited edition coffees). See the list here: Specialty-blends.
  • Specialty Single Origin: A new single origin coffees that are specialty quality per period. The current list is displayed here: Specialty-single-origins.
  • Latin-America-specialty-only: All coffees are specialty single origins with the range being limited to Latin-America are rotated (excluding limited edition coffees). A current list is here: Latin-America-specialty.
  • African-Specialty-only: Specialty grade single origin coffees that come from Africa are sent per cycle (excluding limited edition coffees). The current list is here: African-Specialty-only.
  • Budget-blends: All blended coffees that are not specialty graded are dispatched per cycle. These coffees are well suited to automatic coffee machines. Here is the list: Budget-blends.
  • Specific single origin: You choose the coffee you want to get. Pricing to be confirmed.


Only some pricing is listed, just the most common prices. Confirmation of pricing will occur when you select the options you require. Delivery in Cape Town is included:

Option Recurrence Price/Month for Selected Qty
250g 500g 1 kg 2 kg
Specialty-blend weekly 600.00 1150.00 2195.00 4,100.00
fortnightly 300.00 575.00 1,095.00 2,095.00
monthly 150.00 290.00 550.00 1020.00
Specialty-single-origin, Latin-American-specialty or African-specialty weekly 685.00 1,250.00 2250.00 4200.00
fortnightly 345.00 645.00 1150.00 2195.00
monthly 155.00 300.00 585.00 1150.00
Budget Blends (great for bean 2 cup) weekly 345.00 585.00 950.00 1850.00
fortnightly 175.00 295.00 480.00 950.00
monthly 85.00 140.00 230.00 450.00



  • Only coffees roasted at Buitenverwachting roastery are included here.
  • All coffee is seasonal, so the coffee offering will change as coffees run out and are replaced.
  • Prices are inclusive of VAT in South African rand.
  • We reserve the right to adjust prices for coffees that require additional delivery fees, which will be confirmed at the time of order.
  • Delivery is only included for Cape Town. For other areas there will be a minimum courier fee, or we can review the offering you require to include this on an individual basis.
  • For weekly deliveries, there are typically 51 (for weekly) and 25 (for fortnightly) deliveries a year.
  • All limited edition coffees are excluded.
  • Each selected interval, a new coffee is allocated to the selection, but you can request a favourite.
  • Prices are linked to the prices of our coffees.
  • Subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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