Jura coffee machine repairs

There are 2 fully certified Jura workshops in South Africa. One in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg, we use these workshops to service Jura coffee machines.

Inclusive service for dedicated clients

As an extension of our service to Jura owners who purchase coffee from us, we offer a collection and delivery service to these workshops and include a swap machine. Of course Our valuable clients appreciate the effort we make sourcing and fresh roasting quality coffee. Consequently these clients are regularly on our delivery route, since freshness of roast is a primary driver for us and them.

Other Jura owners

If you are a Jura owner that has elected not to make use of our coffee there are a few issues with us extending this service to you:

  1. As we are do not regularly deliver to you, your offices are not on a regular route. To add you in to our route requires more time, and more petrol and more wear and tear on our delivery vehicle.
  2. If we do collect your machine and then we lend you a machine while yours is at one of the workshops, you would use a coffee whose quality we have no control over. Therefore all damage to the machine or extra deterioration of the machine due to the use of this coffee we cannot factor into the machine cost. In the past this has resulted in machines being damaged beyond economic recovery.
  3. In addition we have no control over the charges that workshop charges. However we have learnt that even getting quotes for repairs is a rough estimate, with repairs sometimes costing almost double to what was quoted. We can only charge what we are charged.

However if you would still like to use our service then we will provide 1kg of coffee and a swop out machine (you must use our coffee in the swop out machine), collect the machine, take the machine to the workshop. Once it is ready we will collect the machine and return it to you. This we offer for an additional fee of R750 exclusive of VAT. This fee is charged over and above whatever the fee is charged by the workshop.

Typical Costs

As a note, below are the typical charges handed down to us by the workshop:

  • standard service R780 exclusive of VAT
  • grinder replacement R2000 exclusive of VAT
  • drainage valve replacement R250 exclusive of VAT
  • insect removal R780 exclusive of VAT