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Should I Use A Fitler With My Jura

Should I use a water filter in my Jura?

We are often asked, “Should I use a water filter in my Jura?”. Below is ...
Jura Decalcification

General Jura Decalcification/Descaling process

We recommend that since most of South Africa’s water is quite soft, that using an ...
Jura Ena 1 setting hardness

Ena 1 setting hardness

Descriptions of picture: Single bean button (top left, between the tiny and small cup) Triple ...
Cleaning Jura milk system

Videos on cleaning Jura milk system (for J9/Z7)

A frother that is not cleaned regularly… Is a milk system / frother that does ...

Automatic coffee machine maintenance schedule

An automatic coffee machine maintenance schedule is a necessity. When working with a coffee machine, ...
Jura error messages

Jura Error Messages

The Jura‘s are exceptionally reliable and hence seeing an error message on a Jura machine ...
Cleaning a jura j9

Cleaning the Jura J9

A video on how to run Cleaning the Jura J9. This provides a step by ...
Cleaning a Jura Xf50 or F50

Cleaning a Jura F50 or Xf50

A video on Cleaning a Jura F50 or Xf50. A how-to video on running the ...
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