coffee wwki (what we know is)

Items in this category are what we know about coffee. Either through research or personal experience. We love to share our knowledge we have gained about coffee, and love to learn even more. So you can share with us too.

Find articles about farming, production, roasting, brewing, tasting and drinking of coffee. Further more dates and definitions are listed here. As well as discussions of quality, sizing, grading and assessment.

Farming and production covers how the coffee gets from seed to green. Coffee Roasting details how the coffee gets from raw state to roasted or brown. While brewing, tasting and drinking details coffee in its most consumed form.

We hope what we have learning is knowledge everyone will enjoy. Education about coffee and its complexity as a product we believe will increase enjoyment of the beverage. Further promote its consumption especially on the quality side of the coffee spectrum.


Repost: Climate change threatens coffee – but we’ve found a delicious wild species that could help save your morning brew

Author Aaron P DavisSenior Research Leader, Plant Resources, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Original article: The world loves coffee. More precisely, it loves arabica coffee. From the smell of its freshly groundRead More…


Quaffee Newsletter June 2020 – new coffees, coming coffees and a breakdown of logistics

Short and Sweet Summary For those who find slogging through our newsletters a drudgery, here’s an “elevator” mind map: In summary: New coffees: Kenyan Chesiro (PB) Washed Brazilian Cinco Estrelas Natural BurundianRead More…

SCA Ep81

SCA Podcast #81; Science of Coffee Freshness; Samo Smrke

A lot to take in from this episode and though we should share it. Link to episode: for apple: General link: Description of Episode: Coffee freshness is one of theRead More…