Ratio and Intro to Dose

Brew variables series – Talk 3: Ratio and Intro to Dose

The video Introduction We continuing going into the understanding of the variables and terminology around brewing This is a guide for you to create you own recipes, it is not a prescribedRead More…


Brew variables series – Talk 1 & 2: Extraction and ABCD

A summary of Talk 1 and 2 of the video series discusing coffee brew variables

Tanzanian Map

Tanzania Iyela AAA

The Tanzania Iyela, we have sourced via Nordic Approach. The description below is from their description on the coffee (it can be read here: AAA Iyela…) Iyela Coffee Group Iyela Coffee Group isRead More…

AeroPress Brew Optimization

AeroPress Brew Optimization (general principle)

In this post on an AeroPress Brew Optimization, we cover a methodology to use whenever you purchase a coffee. It is great to play with the coffee to see how different temperatures,Read More…

Jura Decalcification

General Jura Decalcification/Descaling process

We recommend that since most of South Africa’s water is quite soft, that using an in-line filter is not really necessary. But this does mean that every 220 litres or so youRead More…

How is Quality Coffee Produced – Part 1: Cultivation

How is Quality Coffee Produced – Part 1: Cultivation

For a product to reach the end-consumer, who is driven to enjoy a quality product, each step along the way needs to be one where quality is a priority. Coffee, being anRead More…

filter to use with your manual brew or pour over

Which filter to use with your manual brew or pour over?

Need a guide to as to which filter to use with your manual brew or pour over? Information in this post comes directly from the post by Mike McDonald – as postedRead More…

Hario starting point brew

Hario starting point brew

The Hario starting point brew we use is our first brew with a new coffee. We love the flexibility of the Hario almost every coffee has a sweet spot. That said how do weRead More…

4 / 6 Brew Method Tetsu Kasuya

The 4:6 brew method – some quick notes

Source: Presentation of Tetsu Kasuya – Japan – Brewers Cup Dublin 2016 – final winner. What is the 4 : 6 Brew Method It is a method where you divide water youRead More…


How we categorize our coffees at Quaffee

So much coffee too little time. We love tasty (quaffable) coffee and there is quite a bit out there. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has 78 registered Arabica growing countries, each ofRead More…


Basic steps in calibrating a grinder for espresso

Calibrating a grinder so that you can pull a relatively regular espresso should be done as often as possible. Depending on the grinder and the espresso machine, calibration should be done atRead More…


A quick Hario guide

Are you using a Hario brewer? Below is a quick beginners guide. Also take a look at the 4/6 brew method and once you have played the starting-point Hario brew. Here is aRead More…