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  • WildlyOrganic

    Wildly Organic Coffee Blend

    R440.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Wildly Organic, a full bodied blend of Organic and wild grown pure Arabica coffees. Vanillas and mochas are dominant flavours. We call this an organic coffee, and it achieves 4 stars in flavour complexity – medium body.

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  • Relationship Coffee Blend

    Relationship Coffee Blend

    R440.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Our blend of coffee sourced directly from the growers in two different Colombian provinces, and a Mayan reserve in Colombia. The characteristic roasted almonds from Colombia are gently softened by the organic Colombian. At least 4 star in flavour complexity.

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  • Half Decaf, Blend

    Half Decaf, coffee blend

    R440.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Half Decaf = half La Serrania half Limu, to give you a more flavourful coffee with half the caffeine. A complexity coffee that tolerates some milk.

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  • Bunna Blend

    Bunna Blend (an african only coffee blend)

    R440.00 incl. VAT per kg

    The Bunna blend is made up of all pure 4 star quality shade grown Arabica from African coffees. The coffee is balanced and gentle on the taste buds, with good complexity and is quite morish, and medium bodied. This is a 4 star flavour complexity blend.

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  • Sidama G2, Ethiopia

    Ethiopian Sidama G2 coffee beans

    R300.00 incl. VAT / kg

    Also known as Sidamo washed. An earthy and medium to full-bodied coffee for all day drinking from the southern Ethiopian highlands. This is a co-operative coffee. This coffee has 3 star flavour complexity, with earthy and stone fruit characteristics. Crop date not always know assumed at least less than 2 years old.

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  • Armonizar Coffee Blend

    Armonizar Coffee Blend

    R270.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Blended coffee with a South and Central America bias, with a touch of an African coffee. Designed with people and companies where they have a price point they are limited by, but still want something enjoyable.

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  • Zine Coffee Blend

    Zine Coffee Blend

    R240.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Zine coffee blend, A blend of dark and light roasted arabica coffees. For those on a budget that want a classic coffee taste.

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  • Old style dark roast

    Old school dark roast

    R220.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Our interpretation of an old-school-dark roast coffee. We cannot fully trace the coffee as it is purchased from the local traders. Typically there is a 80% organic coffee in the blend.

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