Why Fresh Roasted

Roasted coffee is normally removed from the roaster in the middle of a chemical reaction.

Only if the the coffee is burnt (in our opinion in the French or Italian style) is the chemical reaction near its end. Part of the reaction is to release gasses. This means that our coffees (and any fresh coffee) cannot be placed in a vacuum seal (either in a tin, or foil) as the process carries on.

While we think it is best to enjoy fresh roasted coffee within 2 days, we find it is more practical to aim for about 2 weeks. We aim to you coffee that you will consume in 2 weeks. We try and ensure that you understand your consumption so that you can always get as close to the original freshly roasted taste as possible.

There are many theories about freshness and taste. An coffee does change as it is futher from roast date. The important thing is to make sure there is a roast date on the coffee you buy, so you can get a feel for when you like enjoying the coffee.

Oh and try grind it fresh. The fresher the grinder the more intact the aromatics (smells) and flavours (tastes)

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