Power Of Narrative

A few notes on the very interesting video Re:co posted last week:

Published on 3 Aug 2017

The challenge for specialty coffee is to elevate itself above the noise. Salt Media’s Nick Cooper explores breaking through that noise in a meaningful way at Re:co Dublin.

Commentary on the research being Storytelling: The Power of Narrative

Research done by 70 active foody subscribers

Some interesting facts in this video:

When choosing a café, the most important consideration are:

  • 47% felt serving specialty coffee was a must
  • 44% felt the fact that the café was independent
  • Food and service was irrelevant.

Therefore, quality and whether or the people behind the serving area are invested in the brand are the most important considerations.

When asked how interested these consumers where interested in coffee:

  • All cared to some extent
  • 18% said that they liked coffee but it was not the most important thing
  • 53% really enjoy coffee and seek new places
  • 29% where fanatics

Making a story memorable, you do this not by listing the fact but by making a story to go with it.

There are 7 basic plots:

  • Overcoming the monster – the David and goliath story
  • Rags to Riches – how someone that starts poor then comes good
  • Voyage and Return – going somewhere having some problems along the way and making it back
  • The Quest – finding somethings and returning with it
  • Comedy – how to get someplace we need to over funny circumstances
  • Tragedy – news – makes us feel better about ourselves since we can make a difference
  • Rebirth – overcoming issues to become good.

There is an extra one called the Pixar content once upon a time narrative, with because and finally.

Should we use these to tell our story?

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