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Reflecting on participating in our first Auction at Origin

A reflection back to participating in our first microlot auction at origin. Mexico Aromas 2019.



By tasting coffee that compares in region, origin and especially if it is from the same supplier from other roasters this is your best way to understand how you are presenting yourselfRead More…


Water hardness and tasting coffee

From www.tampertantrum.com/colab-prague-chahan-yeretzian, how changing the water changes the characteristics tasted in coffee. Optimal is the SCAA standard, performed the worst

quality control and assessment via cupping

Tasting coffee for quality control and assessment

What follows is a summary of 2 posts on quality control and assessment of coffee provided by Zane. Coffee Assessment To control the quality of roasted coffee you produce a formal assessment process isRead More…


Drinkability rating, how do you rate your coffee?

Over the years of drinking and assessing coffees I have been exposed to a number of guides of tasting coffee. At the end of all of this the essence is down toRead More…


Coffee and food pairing summary of event

We recently were involved in a coffee and food pairing. The pairing was run in partnership between the Coffee bloC at Buitenverwachting and the premier Buitenverwchting restaurant who supply the food toRead More…


Coatepec, our take and roast finalization

Almost great I am not a Q grader, I am a coffee drinker and lover. After spending a week tasting a number of roast profiles of the Coffee we have sourced viaRead More…


Tongue tingling sensations of coffee, a glossary…

A useful except from The Signet Book of Coffee and Tea by Peter Quimme Although the word acid has been largely misunderstood we do use it here. Acid tastes is brightness inRead More…


Coffee Cupping – how to guide

Coffee Cupping The most accepted tasting technique used to evaluate a coffee aroma and flavour profile, as called coffee cupping. Ultimately its best when assessing coffee from different associations, areas, roast profiles orRead More…