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Coffee roasting process - Frog Q in cooling bin

Coffee roasting process – a subjective perspective

The coffee roasting process and our approach to it vary almost every quarter. As we gain more and more experience. Since at Quaffee™ we roast each batch in a very hands-on manner,Read More…


Interesting Reading, if you are interested in Roasting

Forms of Heat Transfer There are three forms of heat transfer: Conduction, convection and radiation These are deceptively simple scientific concepts that underscore some of the more fractious debates within coffee roasting. InRead More…


Relax – Roasters and Seattle

Over the weekend we took some time off, we saw the Schweitzer mountainresort, which was very busy and we could not get into the village, but we saw the beginners run andRead More…


Tasting and then trying to replicate different Profiles

Notes from Roasting 201 Assessing the various roasting results Today was an intense day of learning the nuances of roasting. Specifically selecting a coffee from the roasts we had already done theRead More…