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Quaffee Newsletter June 2022

Quaffee Newsletter June 2022 – Gesha Village, new coffees and equipment update

News of the coffees that are here or coming. A secret coffee on the horizon and some equipment recommendations.


Up to date coffee chemistry research published (for a price)

For two centuries investigators have tried with varying degrees of success to identify the compounds which give roasted coffee its characteristic aroma and taste. The analytical methods and the state of progressRead More…


Cupping proved Popular, A lot has changed in 5 years

Coffee Cupping goes down well Five years ago we did a public cupping and I vowed never again. People asking me for sugar and milk burst my bubble. After five years IRead More…

Coffee roasting process - Frog Q in cooling bin

Coffee roasting process – a subjective perspective

The coffee roasting process and our approach to it vary almost every quarter. As we gain more and more experience. Since at Quaffee™ we roast each batch in a very hands-on manner,Read More…


Quaffee Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Quaffee’ s newsletter. We will strive to only send these newsletters when there is actual news. This means that we anticipate that there will beRead More…


Interesting Reading, if you are interested in Roasting

Forms of Heat Transfer There are three forms of heat transfer: Conduction, convection and radiation These are deceptively simple scientific concepts that underscore some of the more fractious debates within coffee roasting. InRead More…


Roasting profile wrap up (airflow) and good bye

We spent most of Friday playing with Airflow. The Diedrich roaster has the ability: CB: to pull air from the cooling bin (i.e. no air into the roasting barrel), 50-50: 50/50 (i.e.Read More…


Tasting and then trying to replicate different Profiles

Notes from Roasting 201 Assessing the various roasting results Today was an intense day of learning the nuances of roasting. Specifically selecting a coffee from the roasts we had already done theRead More…


A day of introduction to Profile roasting

7 Feb Diedrich Notes Introduction to roasting profiles Today we concentrated on how different profiles affect coffee taste. There are two analogies that you can use with coffee roasting: Coffee is likeRead More…


Our first day at Diedrich Coffee Roasters

Frog Quaffer and Mzukisi, arrived at Diedrich this morning at 08:40 Feb 6 2012, ready to learn. Here are a few pics from the day. A lot of information to be absorbedRead More…