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Reflecting on participating in our first Auction at Origin

A reflection back to participating in our first microlot auction at origin. Mexico Aromas 2019.

How is Quality Coffee Produced – Part 1: Cultivation

How is Quality Coffee Produced – Part 1: Cultivation

For a product to reach the end-consumer, who is driven to enjoy a quality product, each step along the way needs to be one where quality is a priority. Coffee, being anRead More…


Quality Coffee – Consumer perception study

What an interesting video of the consumer perception of Quality Coffee. A number of interesting facts in this video. The conclusion lists these points, but make your own conclusions: Low Quality (LQ)Read More…


We demand Quality coffee

During the great depression many of the coffee brands thought they should cut corners and produce a lower quality coffee, since money was tight. One company, Maxwell house, decided to rather produceRead More…


Coffee Cupping – how to guide

Coffee Cupping The most accepted tasting technique used to evaluate a coffee aroma and flavour profile, as called coffee cupping. Ultimately its best when assessing coffee from different associations, areas, roast profiles orRead More…