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Quaffer Frog newsletter March 2019

Quaffee Newsletter March 2019 -catching up and looking ahead

With almost a quarter of 2019 behind us, we felt it might be a good idea to catch up with all our newsletter subscribers. What we cover In the newsletter, we continueRead More…

Jura Decalcification

General Jura Decalcification/Descaling process

We recommend that since most of South Africa’s water is quite soft, that using an in-line filter is not really necessary. But this does mean that every 220 litres or so youRead More…


Quaffee Newsletter, V2 I 2 March 2013

Welcome Welcome to the second Issue Quaffee Newsletter for 2013. We have had quite an eventful month, so this newsletter will get you up to date, and introduce some plans for theRead More…


New Jura coffee machine’s available in South Africa (May 2012)

This month Jura announces which of the new models will be available here in South Africa. First, the old Ena range has been discontinued. Of the new range, only the Ena MicroRead More…

Jura error messages

Jura Error Messages

The Jura‘s are exceptionally reliable and hence seeing an error message on a Jura machine is rare. In the rare event that this does occur then here are some guidelines: Error DescriptionRead More…

Cleaning a jura j9

Cleaning the Jura J9

A video on how to run Cleaning the Jura J9. This provides a step by step process for you to follow. Cleaning the Jura J9 This uses the Jura two-phase cleaning tabletsRead More…

Cleaning a Jura Xf50 or F50

Cleaning a Jura F50 or Xf50

A video on Cleaning a Jura F50 or Xf50. A how-to video on running the cleaning process on the older Xf50. This provides a step by step process for you to follow:Read More…