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AeroPress Brew Optimization

AeroPress Brew Optimization (general principle)

In this post on an AeroPress Brew Optimization, we cover a methodology to use whenever you purchase a coffee. It is great to play with the coffee to see how different temperatures,Read More…

4 / 6 Brew Method Tetsu Kasuya

The 4:6 brew method – some quick notes

Source: Presentation of Tetsu Kasuya – Japan – Brewers Cup Dublin 2016 – final winner. What is the 4 : 6 Brew Method It is a method where you divide water youRead More…


Basic steps in calibrating a grinder for espresso

Calibrating a grinder so that you can pull a relatively regular espresso should be done as often as possible. Depending on the grinder and the espresso machine, calibration should be done atRead More…

Cleaning Jura milk system

Videos on cleaning Jura milk system (for J9/Z7)

A frother that is not cleaned regularly… Is a milk system / frother that does not work. It is that simple. In over a decade of working with the Jura Coffee machines, thisRead More…


Coffee Cupping – how to guide

Coffee Cupping The most accepted tasting technique used to evaluate a coffee aroma and flavour profile, as called coffee cupping. Ultimately its best when assessing coffee from different associations, areas, roast profiles orRead More…