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SCA Ep81

SCA Podcast #81; Science of Coffee Freshness; Samo Smrke

A lot to take in from this episode and though we should share it. Link to episode: for apple: podcasts.apple.com/za/podcast/specialty-coffee-association-podcast/id1264797608. General link: SCANews.coffee/podcast/81/the-science-of-coffee-freshness-samo-smrke-expo-lectures-2019/ Description of Episode: Coffee freshness is one of theRead More…

coffee bean freshness

Coffee Bean Freshness

Coffee bean freshness is one of our primary drivers. We roast all our coffees to order. Once you place an order, we add this to our daily roast list for either theRead More…


Coffee is about freshness – not price

Today I spoke to someone who specializes in marketing food products. I was told that all the other people she works with offer her discount on their products as her profit, relatedRead More…