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Troubleshooting Diedrich Roaster Thermocouple or High Limit failure

Troubleshooting Diedrich Roaster Thermocouple or High Limit failure

Problem: Roaster Thermocouple or High Limit failure Taken from the old Diedrich web site, which has been replaced and I could not find this. Resolution:  If the Diedrich roasters flame goes outRead More…


Trouble Shooting Diedrich ignition, a documentation of a support call

Below is a log of the support call to Diedrich to troubleshoot an IR12 roaster not igniting. The Support People asked a question then we replied: Q Let’s test the Dungs vacuumRead More…

Coffee roasting process - Frog Q in cooling bin

Coffee roasting process – a subjective perspective

The coffee roasting process and our approach to it vary almost every quarter. As we gain more and more experience. Since at Quaffee™ we roast each batch in a very hands-on manner,Read More…


More detailed work on roasting profiles

We woke up to snow When we woke up this morning it had been snowing, we took a quick drive to get a view of the lake before going back to DiedrichRead More…


A day of introduction to Profile roasting

7 Feb Diedrich Notes Introduction to roasting profiles Today we concentrated on how different profiles affect coffee taste. There are two analogies that you can use with coffee roasting: Coffee is likeRead More…


Our first day at Diedrich Coffee Roasters

Frog Quaffer and Mzukisi, arrived at Diedrich this morning at 08:40 Feb 6 2012, ready to learn. Here are a few pics from the day. A lot of information to be absorbedRead More…