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Quaffee Newsletter Sept 2021 – Behmor, News and FOMO

Behmor roaster and brewer here, coffee price news, more…

Quaffee Newsletter April 2021

Quaffee Newsletter April 2021

Introduction Grab a cup and have a seat (you’ll need about 15 minutes to read it all). Or just read the summary. In this issue: Some good news for coffee Cascara NewRead More…


Reflecting on participating in our first Auction at Origin

A reflection back to participating in our first microlot auction at origin. Mexico Aromas 2019.


Mexican COE Pricing Transparency – customers to choose price

About the coffee Gilberto with his family We participated in the Mexican Cup of Excellence (COE) auction 2013, bidding on Lot 15, from Finca Tres Tetas. The coffee comes from an allotmentRead More…


Quaffee Newsletter V2 I3 April 2013

Quaffee Newsletter V2 I 3 April 2013 Welcome to the third Issue Quaffee Newsletter for 2013. Once again a very eventful month, ending with the good news that the Buitenverwachting grape harvestRead More…


Quaffee Newsletter Vol2 Issue 1 – Feb 2013

Welcome to the first Issue Quaffee Newsletter for 2013. With 2013 well on its way, our news is all about what is in place for the year. Regards, The Quaffee Team By InvitationRead More…


Coatepec, our take and roast finalization

Almost great I am not a Q grader, I am a coffee drinker and lover. After spending a week tasting a number of roast profiles of the Coffee we have sourced viaRead More…


Quaffee once again has a winner – Los Naranjos

Los Naranjos has now been an award winning coffee since 2009. And once again it is an award winner with the prominent farmer in the region taking cudos Mr Carlos Imbachi. Quaffee, hasRead More…


What is great coffee?

I regularly get asked what is your best coffee, or what is the best coffee. My standard answer is that all choice is subjective. Popularity is one measure, but this is misleading,Read More…