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Quaffee Newsletter Jan 2022

Quaffee Newsletter Jan 2022 – Price increase, vineyard reopening and new coffees

Price increases detailed, Vineyard Roastery reopening and all the new coffees we are offering.

Quaffee Prices increase

Price increase of budget blends

Market forces and the rand weakness mean that our prices for our budget blends have to increase sooner than we had hoped.


Quaffee Newsletter Sept 2021 – Behmor, News and FOMO

Behmor roaster and brewer here, coffee price news, more…

Repost Cafe Imports

Re-post: A Note from Cafe Imports about the C Market

A perspective of the coffee commodity market from the point of view of a company passionate about sustainability from seed to cup. Can we make a difference?


How we categorize our coffees at Quaffee

So much coffee too little time. We love tasty (quaffable) coffee and there is quite a bit out there. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has 78 registered Arabica growing countries, each ofRead More…