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Quaffee November 2020 Menu Map

Quaffee Newsletter Nov 2020 (reflections, updates and closure dates)

Reflecting (on our fortune this year, on our subscription offering, on our Intro course to brew methodologies). Buiten roastery updates (New face, New crop). Vineyard roastery updates (Intro to roasting, Tastings). 2020 closure dates.


Quaffee Newsletter June 2020 – new coffees, coming coffees and a breakdown of logistics

Short and Sweet Summary For those who find slogging through our newsletters a drudgery, here’s an “elevator” mind map: In summary: New coffees: Kenyan Chesiro (PB) Washed Brazilian Cinco Estrelas Natural BurundianRead More…

SCA Ep81

SCA Podcast #81; Science of Coffee Freshness; Samo Smrke

A lot to take in from this episode and though we should share it. Link to episode: for apple: podcasts.apple.com/za/podcast/specialty-coffee-association-podcast/id1264797608. General link: SCANews.coffee/podcast/81/the-science-of-coffee-freshness-samo-smrke-expo-lectures-2019/ Description of Episode: Coffee freshness is one of theRead More…

Public cupping of Mexican Coffee

Feedback from public cupping of Mexican coffees

After cupping the 12 coffees I did at Caravela in Puebla (read more), I been permitted to bring 5 of my favourite coffees back to share with the rest of Quaffee andRead More…

Puebla Caravela Visit

Mexican coffee production and tasting at Caravela Puebla

After visiting the two farms in Oaxaca state, we ended up in Oaxaca City or Oaxaca de Juárez. We arrived late in the evening and were staying outside the city. As weRead More…


Reflecting on participating in our first Auction at Origin

A reflection back to participating in our first microlot auction at origin. Mexico Aromas 2019.


Commentary on Espresso Calibration Video – by Tim Wendelboe

Besides the traditional Y+D+T (Yield, Dose and Time) – equation we have been interested in the effect grinder fineness and coarseness has on the final coffee in the cup. In the videoRead More…


Quaffee newsletter June 2017

Intro In trying times, it is fortunate we can find happiness in a great cup of coffee. This power of spreading happiness is what keeps us doing what we do. Emails weRead More…