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Coffee Processing

Coffee Processing Methods

Wet or wash, natural, honey or wet hulled coffee processing – summaries of each

21 Days from seed to cup

Coffee 21 Steps from Seed to Cup

Step 1: From Seed to Seedling Did you know that it takes 2 days to determine if a seed has a viable embryo? The seed is soaked for two days and thenRead More…

Newsletter December 2019

Quaffee Newsletter November 2019 – wet hulled, coffee sourcing, combos and closure dates

In this newsletter, we will carry on with our introduction into the coffee process by covering wet-hulling. We will also discuss our current issues with sourcing our quality coffees and will introduceRead More…

San PedoLos Naranjos

Road Trip to and visit of Los Naranjos (Mexico) coffee producers

Date: 18 May 2019 We left at 7 in the morning from Puerto Escondido to visit two producers from what Caravela calls the Los Naranjos (in Mexico, not Colombia) production area. ItRead More…

Quaffer Frog newsletter March 2019

Quaffee Newsletter March 2019 -catching up and looking ahead

With almost a quarter of 2019 behind us, we felt it might be a good idea to catch up with all our newsletter subscribers. What we cover In the newsletter, we continueRead More…

Frog Q Inspecting Coffee

Lessons learnt about Brazilian coffee Apr 2016

While sharing all the info on the Brazilian coffee farms I started realizing it may be a good idea to post a general post on how specialty coffee works in the Brazil.Read More…