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Quaffee Newsletter July 2021

Quaffee Newsletter July 2021 – ASITD, News and POPIA

Covered in this newsletter:
A Shot in the Dark,
Current news at Quaffee,
Vineyard roastery update,
Coffee Update and


Monthly Notes from Market Reports about Aug 2015

Below are just a few notes from the latest coffee news articles we have access too. The coffee C-market price moved an a narrow range this month, starting at $120.46-142.60 and ending atRead More…


South African Coffee industry, has it grown since 2003?

Over the past year or so I have hear a lot of hearsay. This hearsay claims that the coffee industry in South Africa is grown at a rapid rate. After here thisRead More…


Jan 2014, coffee weather good news

The well respected Climate Protection Agency in the U.S.A. has forecasted that the El Nino and La Nina phenomenon factors in the Pacific Ocean shall remain neutral for the next eight months,Read More…