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Should I Use A Fitler With My Jura

Should I use a water filter in my Jura?

We are often asked, “Should I use a water filter in my Jura?”. Below is an answer. First Test the Water Before answering this question, it is essential to test the waterRead More…


Tweaking water for coffee with Mg

Interested in tweaking water for coffee with Mg, then read on… Intro Of all the things coffee people like to do most, waxing lyrical about water falls into a weird category, everyoneRead More…

4 / 6 Brew Method Tetsu Kasuya

The 4:6 brew method – some quick notes

Source: Presentation of Tetsu Kasuya – Japan – Brewers Cup Dublin 2016 – final winner. What is the 4 : 6 Brew Method It is a method where you divide water youRead More…