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Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2021 – coffee, coffee, coffee

Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2021 – coffee, coffee, coffee

Intro A short update about three coffees, so no mind map. 1.      Mpenjati South Africa After over a decade, we have finally found a South African coffee we can offer to all.Read More…

coffee prices

Coffee Futures 2021 – a reality check?

Consumers need to see coffee as the luxury it is, and think of those in the chain.

Puebla Caravela Visit

Mexican coffee production and tasting at Caravela Puebla

After visiting the two farms in Oaxaca state, we ended up in Oaxaca City or Oaxaca de Juárez. We arrived late in the evening and were staying outside the city. As weRead More…

San PedoLos Naranjos

Road Trip to and visit of Los Naranjos (Mexico) coffee producers

Date: 18 May 2019 We left at 7 in the morning from Puerto Escondido to visit two producers from what Caravela calls the Los Naranjos (in Mexico, not Colombia) production area. ItRead More…

Beaver Creek farm visit

Beaver Creek visit (May 2017) Summary

Dylan (the son of the owners of Beaver Creek coffee estate) invited me up for a visit. So off I went to experience this local coffee farm, that has started becoming wellRead More…

Expocaccer overview

Expocaccer overview of a Brazilian co-operative

Morning Day 1 – 25 April South American Trip 2016 an Expocaccer overview. Patrocinio Spent the morning driving through to Patrocinio with Patrick Griffin from Capricorn Coffee (as a representative of Falcon Specialty)Read More…

Green coffee from Burundi

Green coffee Chemistry – Graphic and tabular summary

The source of the this information is Scott Roe’s book and Coffee Recent Developments. Averages used as a guide, no one coffee sticks to these numbers: Item Low % High % AveRead More…

Arabica varieties

Coffea Arabica varieties

Before reading the short summary below on Arabica varieties, we suggest you watch the video below to really get a handle on the number of varieties of Arabica: Aaron Davis: Arabica –Read More…


Quaffee Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 5

Welcome to the Issue 5 of Quaffee Newsletter. Season greetings to all, and thank you to all our clients for their support this year. This Newsletter we introduce our first limited editionRead More…


Coffee “pure” Arabica is there such a thing?

Coffee originally comes from a single varietal of Arabica found in the Limu forests of Ethiopia. From there is spread first to the Yemen, where then partially roasted seed became part ofRead More…


Our Kenyan PB comes from Nyeri, a farm near to them was in the top ten 2010

The coffee we sell that is the Kagumo Peaberry comes from the KAGUMO-INI MILLING STATION. worker on the Kagumo-ini farm Kagumo-ini milling station or ‘factory’ as they are known in Kenya isRead More…


Average Chemical Composition of Green Coffee in Different Coffee Varieties Cultivated in Colombia

Average Chemical Composition of Green Coffee in Different Coffee Varieties Cultivated in Colombia, a photo by virmaxcafe on Flickr. Show me those figures! Robusta is hectic in Caffeine