Over the weekend we took some time off, we saw the Schweitzer mountainresort, which was very busy and we could not get into the village, but we saw the beginners run and the mountain drive was fantastic:

Skiing at Schweitzer

Skiing at Schweitzer

Mzukisi on Schweitzer Mountain

Mzukisi on Schweitzer Mountain

View From Schweitzer Mountain

View From Schweitzer Mountain to Lake

It was cold up there so in desperation we tried the new Starbucks “blonde” which we found out was a coffee that they are now doing, due to the trend to have tasty coffee rather than burnt stuff they normally sell. And we where able to drink a whole cup 😉 – but it was cold.

We left for Spokane On Sunday, and took a walk around their Riverside park seeing a Totem pole (not sure if it was an original one, but it was quite cool), and they awesome Spokane falls and rivers. The run a hydro electric power station there with all that water flow I can see why.


Mzukisi With Totem Pole in Spokane

Spokane Falls With Power Plant

Spokane Falls With Power Plant

The next day we visited Craven’s coffee. Simon from Craven gave us a tour, and they run a 45kg and 12kg Probat, with a Diedrich after burner. They have all the goodies to suck up the coffee and clean the coffee of stones. We spoke about the effect of packaging, and especially recognizable branding for retail. All of his coffees are Arabica based, and Simon also visits coffee farms directly to source coffees.


Frog Q finally has an espresso, tired of this pour over watered down stuff


Frog Quaffer With Carven's Coffee Blends

After we had visited Craven’s we made our way to Roast House. who specialize in highland grown Arabica’s only. We had a long chat to Deborah, her partner David and Deborah’s husband who was roasting. They keep away from full air flow going through the barrel, and move to about 50/50 at 280F. Once again we where able to have an good espresso, which was enjoyable.

They are passionate about sustainability and this is core to their mission like Quaffee.


Frog Quaffer At Roast House Coffee in Spokane


Frog Quaffer with Deborah From Roast House

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