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With 2020 drawing to a close, a quick update is probably due. Most of the news is reflective in nature. In the spirit of the popularity of our last mind map here is a summary:

Quaffee newsletter nov 2020

If you are unable to see the image, here is an outline in point form:

  • Reflecting:
    • on our fortune this year.
    • on our subscription offering.
    • on our Intro course to brew methodologies.
  • Buiten roastery updates:
    • New face
    • New crop
  • Vineyard roastery updates:
    • Intro to roasting.
    • Tastings
  • 2020 closure dates.

If plodding is the source of info, plod on.


Reflecting on our year

Many businesses have had a challenging year. We have had our challenges, including experiencing a decrease in sales. On average, our decline is 30% year-on-year. The good news is that all of the team are still part of the team, and that is a significant victory for us. A victory that is in no small part thanks to you our customers. People who are passionate about good coffee seem to be passionate about the people in coffee too.

Home coffee brewers have always been our dream market. They have been our rock in this challenging time.

This year we have once again reflected on the fact that we have never been keen on the hospitality industry. While we care for the people in the industry and they return the favour we have never really concentrated on this sector, with a few notable exceptions.

We are grateful for the feedback home brewers provide us and appreciate the love they share about our coffees. Indeed, this is what keeps us going, a core driving principle behind Quaffee. Building our foundation on the passionate coffee drinker has pulled us through. We extend our thanks to you. You are the light at the end of the tunnel that shines through.

Reflecting on subscriptions

One area that has grown this year is our coffee subscription base. In fact, the number of subscribers is up 80%. Subscribers are taking from as little as 250g a month to ones that take 750g per week. Their selection of coffees they love is what keeps the roaster fires burning. Feedback has been positive too. Whether it is those that like a single coffee or those that like a varying favourite the coffee subscription seems to allow those that subscribe, the flexibility of getting coffee they love conveniently.

Read more about our options on our website (here…), or drop us an email asking about the service.

Reflecting on Brew talks

We started a series of talks discussing coffee brewing. We published three talks on our YouTube channel. Yes, the format is somewhat academic, we acknowledge that. But they are an introduction to concepts. While votes from those that have watched them have been positive, their success has been limited to a few. We are looking at revising the approach but need better video editing tools.

These talks take the better part of two days to prepare (excluding video). A lack of dopamine hits (as a result of the lack of shares and responses) has meant it is hard to motivate ourselves to carry on.

However, there are plans to do more, once motivation, time and tools are aplenty.

Roastery Updates

Buiten Roastery Update

For those that pop in, you will see we have a new face at the front. Sisanda has joined us to replace Maya. Maya is still with us but has decided not to be the friendly face in the roastery. Instead, Maya is staying at home and is dedicated to the day to day admin of Quaffee. If you are receiving invoices via email, it is more than likely she is the person who sent them.

Buitenverwachting has also gone through some changes. The coffee shop is now on the side we used to host our tastings, or where the chocolate guy was. And the front part is now a deli. From the end of November, the new restaurant will also be launched.

Saturdays at the farm are all the buzz with wine, beer and food galore.

The new crop of Colombians are ordered and should be with us in early 2021. We hope to have a continuing supply of these favourites.

Vineyard Roastery Update

The vineyard roastery is back to regular hours. The Hotel has strict measures to get in with temperature and tracking the envy of many a draconian lover.

We have moved our coffee tastings to the Vineyard based roastery. The size of the group booking is limited to 4, and on days we are available. We ran our first tasting there last Saturday. Book / read more here…

A new option at the roastery we are offering as a Joint venture with Cape Coffee Beans, is an introduction to roasting. So far, the feedback has been favourable to this 90-minute hands-on introduction. Book and read more here…

December break 2020

December Closure

We all need a break, and even if lockdown happens again, we will be closing for around 10 days. Our last day of delivery will be the 22 Dec 2020. We will be open for a short time on the 23rd, hosting our annual no-fire sale (social distancing version).

The roastery will re-open 4 Jan, and deliveries will start 5 Jan 2021.


If you got this far, we would like to reiterate how much we appreciate you our coffee-loving supporters. You are the reason we do what we do.

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