Quaffee Newsletter Feb 2021


Our Feb 20201 newsletter introduces several new coffees to come and adds a little news. Bullet point summary for those that found these so useful is:

  • An exceptional Pacamara Natural about to be released soon.
  • Our first COE coffee coming around April 2021.
  • New microlot on its way also April 2021.
  • Update on Buiten, deliveries and the Vineyard.
  • Help us help you – the referral program to CCB.
Quaffee Newsletter Feb 2021

Glory Days?

During 2020 we took an approach to be conservative in all things. This meant cutting down on everything we could, to make sure jobs were retained. However, being passionate about coffee, contemplating another year without something special to look for too, was a sacrifice too hard to endure.

While we were fortunate to offer some good coffees to get us through 2020. This year we have 3 extraordinary coffees lined up.

Pacamara Natural

Only 25kg of this notable coffee has been secured. Pacamaras are famous in Central America. Not only is its cup quality well known, this variety is also known for their unusual size. You can read more here…

When we tasted this well-processed microlot Pacamara natural from Rajuanse (who we already offer a coffee from, that is a Honey lot, read more here…), we wanted to share it. We will be releasing this coffee around the middle of Feb regardless of how St Valentine feels. Watch the website and social media. This is one you have to taste.

Caravela COE Winner

Our regulars will know we love what Caravela does. They are a shining light in the coffee industry and one we love to be associated with. Last year (2020) one of the producers they work with, Jose-Gomez, came 7th in the Colombian COE. Coming in the top 10 of the Cup of Excellence competition is a major accomplishment.

The COE is the premier competition in coffee. You can read more about this initiative that has been going for over a decade here…

While we could not afford to purchase the whole auction lot, we were able to secure 30kgs. The lot excluding shipping cost $59/kg, so we are hoping to offer this for just over R500 for 250g, once it is landed.

A new Caravela microlot

As regular participants in the Caravela microlot program, we have offered a Caravela microlot every year since 2014. Their microlot program selects an outstanding lot from a single producer, or producer collective and rewards them directly for producing a coffee that cups with a score of at least 87. We currently have a microlot from them from the Peruvian Producer Maximo Rupay (read more here…).

For 2021 year we thought we would switch origins and have selected a microlot from Ecuador by the producer Grace Morales. A first microlot from Ecuador. We believe that the Caravela microlots offer excellent value for money, since one is able to try a very good coffee for a reasonable price.

Buitenverwachting, Deliveries and the Vineyard

We are so appreciative of all the support we have received, especially over these challenging times. Your support has kept us with our eyes above water. However, December and January have been really tight months, and we have decided to reduce our staff hours by 20%.

The main effect this will have, for the Buitenverwachting based roastery, is that we will no longer be delivering on Thursdays. This will be effective from 1 Feb. All Thursday deliveries will be shuffled around to other days. For those in the Peninsula it may mean we only deliver there once a week on Mondays.

The Vineyard branch will no longer be open on Saturdays and will only be open 9:30-15:30 Mondays-Fridays

Referral Program

We love to offer coffee products we appreciate. We do recognise that there are lots of alternative coffee products, and even other coffees, on offer. Hence, we have a referral system that you can use to buy coffee and gear from Cape Coffee Beans. They keep stock of most of the gear you would ever want, that is available in South Africa. If you use our referral link (on our home page, or in the referral section of our website), or use this: buy from CCB, as a link then we get a referral fee. Every little bit helps us to continue to offer great coffee to you.

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