An automatic coffee machine maintenance schedule is a necessity. When working with a coffee machine, you must clean it regularly, even super automatic coffee machines.

What follows is a recommended maintenance schedule for automatic coffee machines. Developed by one of our Jura clients is a suggested schedule. Thank you to Sergio Sagrestano, for providing it. Instructions on how to do perform each item, are found in the manual of your Jura.

Maintenance schedule

Maintenance What? When? Duration
Daily Rinse & Fill Water Tank Before first switching the machine on in the morning <5 min
Rinse Machine When first switching the machine on in the morning. <1 min
Clean milk system After the machine has rinsed. Use milk system cleaner. <5 min
Clean Frother After switching the machine on in the morning. <2 min
Filling Water As required between meetings. <2 min
Empty Coffee Grounds & Drip Tray As needed between meetings. <5 min
Fill Coffee Beans As required between meetings. <5 min
General Cleaning Daily, before the first meeting. 10 min
Monthly Cup Counter Check Every year or every 10,000 cups send for service. <5 min
Cleaning Operation as per manual End of the day when a message on display is READY CLEAN. Use machine approved cleaning tablets. 20 min
Descaling as per manual End of day when a message on display says READY DESCALE. Make use of the machine approved descaling tablets. 45 min

Jura Maintenance

Although there are differences per model, there are typical cycles for Jura maintenance:

Type Product Requirement
Cleaning Jura Cleaning pills Domestic models: every 180-200 cups.
Commercial products every 200-220 cups.
Jura cleaning tablets
Milk system Jura milk system cleaner Every day. Jura milk system cleaner 250 ml
Descale Jura Descale tablets Depending on hardness, for South African typically 1 set of tablets every 220 litres Jura descale pack
Water filter Claris water filter/pro filter For those with hardness above 7 we recommend water filters. The domestic water filter lasts 50 litres the Pro (large filter) lasts 200 litres. ClarisProSmartFilter
Grinder Jura calibrated grinder Every 30,000 cups for quality coffee, less for low quality coffee or coffee with stones or other foreign objects Jura coffee machine repairs
Service Jura certified service Every 10,000 cups or 5 years, whichever is sooner.

Let us assist

We offer a service option that comes with our coffee. We send you the maintenance materials and provide a swap out machine when the machine needs a service or grinder repair. Read more about our coffee service offering.

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