quaffee awards

Our biggest reward is when a new client tells us that we were recommended by a current coffee lover that gets their coffee from us. External recognition gives us pause to reflect on our impact, and it is always great to get some.

As we are looking back we may have left out some of our kudos.

Shot in the Dark

The shot in the Dark competition is the South African Roasting competition. Each competitor gets their give the same coffee. The competition has evolved a lot since 2018. We have competed 4 times. Our results:

  • 2018 – Third in the African coffee division, tied with Urban express coffee
  • 2019 – Did not place in the top 10
  • 2020 – Second in the final
  • 2021 – Missed the top 10 in a count out.

Coffee Magazine Awards

The coffee magazine started running their own awards in 2018. The nominations are from people within the industry, so this is recognition by your peers. A panel decides who wins. We have never won these, but have received the following nominations:

  • 2018: Nomination for roastery of the Year.
  • 2019: Nomination for roastery of the Year.
  • 2020: Nomination for excellence in coffee.
  • 2021: Nomination for roastery of the Year.

Recognition related to our coffee

When our coffee is used in competitions or by Baristas, we have little control as to what the final product will be, but we are still proud to be recognised.

  • 2016 Wezo came 6th at the Western Cape Barista competition with our Relationship blend.
  • 2016 awarded top blend by Coffee Culture: The South African Coffee-lover’s Bible.
  • 2019 Ndumiso came 5th in the Western Cape Barista competition with our Burundian Nyabiraba coffee.

Other awards and recognitions

  • 2012 Nominated for the South African E-commerce award
  • Certified Jura agent since 2007
  • Nominated the best coffee subscription by my broadband forum 2021