Vineyard Blend – coffee roasted at The Vineyard Hotel

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An espresso centric arabica coffee blend. All coffees are city level roast, designed to work with espresso and espresso based drinks.

Please note that since this coffee is roasted at the roastery based at the Vineyard Hotel a delay of 2 working days is typical before we dispatch/deliver this coffee. View our standard delivery days.



The Vineyard Blend is a coffee that is a blend of at least 3 or 4 specialty grade coffees and at the worst a high-quality blender.

Vineyard Hotel

The Vineyard Hotel is a well-known landmark in Newlands Cape Town. Formerly famous for being the house of Lady Anne, it is now a private luxury Hotel. Of importance to us at Quaffee, is that over the last two decades they have shown a commitment to becoming greener, while still sustaining a high-level quality offering.

We feel aligned to them in many of our environmental missions. And this is a driving reason we got involved with the Group. We believe their main reason they got involved with us, had to do with the owners loving the coffee we offered.

Vineyard Blend

The Vineyard is committed to having traceable and quality coffees as part of their blend. We source coffees to this standard and roast them fresh to order. Initially the blend was African dominant; however, feedback on the citrus nature of the blend (a direct result of specialty grade African coffees being the base of the blend) resulted in us adding quality coffee from Central and South America.

While the blend is seasonal, typically it is a 50/50 blend of the fruity African coffees, and the coca and nutty coffees from Central and South America.

Designed for Espresso

The Vineyard blend is specially designed for a complete and medium bodied espresso. A coffee mostly consumed via the espresso-based machines at the hotel, it needs to satisfy the espresso and espresso based drink coffee lover. Also offered at the espresso areas of the Townhouse and Oude Werf Hotels.

We, however, have found it also suits pour over, automatic and pour over methods well with 20g / 300g water.

Details of coffee

The components may change depending on the seasonal availability of the coffees but as a guide

  • We select a high quality direct Rwandan or Burundi that has sweet fruity notes, and a well-balanced mouth feel.
  • A quality Guatemalan or Nicaraguan that presents itself with caramels and cocoa, is then added to the coffee. This does change per season. We tend to stick to a central as this component.
  • The next component does change seasonally – typically we use an aged Ethiopian here.
  • The final component is always a single estate specialty grade Brazilian from the Cerrado region. To boost the mouth feel and introduce more cocoa into the blend.
Blend: Typically, a blend of Burundian/Rwanda, Ethiopian, Brazilian and a Central American coffee.
Process: The coffees are typically a blend of honey, pulp-natural and washed coffees. We try to avoid using naturals in the blend to ensure the citrus intensity is not dominant.
Traceability: All coffees are typically traceable to as close to the farmer as possible, where possible.
Certifications: A mix of organic, rainforest alliance and fair trade coffees
Taste Profile: A complex coffee with fruit and nut and a hint of coca is what we aim for in each blend.
Roast used: Light city roast with varying development times depending on the coffee.
Note: This coffee is roasted exclusively at The Vineyard Quaffee Roastery.
Our brews: While this is designed for espresso, it performs well under other brews. Our ratios are: Espresso: 1:2.1; AeroPress: 17g:200gPlunger: 50g:600g -; Pour over/filter 6.5g:100g.

Transparency Information

Sourced from Varies on the season
FOB price Listed in each component
Cupping score Minimum 83
Other Information This is a blend of the coffees we currently roast at the Vineyard. All coffees in the blend need to score at least 83. We aim for the coffees to score at least 85.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


4 ★ Blend


Vineyard Hotel


fruit, nut, sweet






1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet


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