Peruvian Finca Las Guabas Maximo Rupay Ramirez Microlot (FW) roasted coffee

While not found at Paddington station this Maxmio Rupay Ramirez Microlot comes from Peru. A fully washed coffee that is morish and clean with a buttery mouth feel that is sweet and spicy with white grape acidity to finish.

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The Peruvian Finca Las Guabas Maxmio Rupay Ramirez Microlot is sourced via Caravela.

Peru and Caravela

To quote Miguel Sánchez (Caravela’s Perú Country Manager) Peru, is an unpolished diamond in coffee.

Compared to Colombia, Peru is an unpolished diamond in coffee production. Peru might not be as well-known for coffee as its neighbouring countries Brazil and Colombia, but it is slowly building itself a reputation as an exceptional specialty coffee origin.

Peru is very different from Colombia in terms of processes and logistics but has a huge amount of potential to produce high-quality coffees. Coffee is grown high in the Andes and most producers are smallholders with an average farm size of between 2 and 5 hectares. Infrastructure on farms is often fairly poor, meaning a lot of work is required to improve coffee quality.

Caravela have managed to find more than 700 quality-minded coffee growers with the will and energy to improve the quality of their coffee. Identifying these farmers was a significant amount of work in itself but is also only the beginning; these relationships take time, work, and education.

Many coffee growers in Peru lack information and education about the market and about the product that they produce. To address this issue, Caravela’s PECA team are on now established in Peru at two direct purchasing points. One in Quillabamba, Cusco, and the other in Jaén, Cajamarca (where this coffee comes from).


For Caravela, a Microlot is the epitome of craftsmanship. For a producer to have a lot qualified as a microlot by Caravela takes a lot of deduction. Daily pickings are separated by quality and processed independently. From that point one, these small lots are treated individually. From picking to processing to quality assessment to milling the process is designed to find the gems a producer is able to extract out of their lots. We at Quaffee have been sharing these extraordinary gems that Caravela finds for over half a decade.

Finca Las Guabas

Maximo Rupay has been producing coffee since 2013. Before this, he used to produce all types of beans on the farm. However, they were not very profitable by producing and selling beans, they weren’t receiving enough income to sustain the family and improve their living conditions. That was when Maximo started searching for other possibilities and opportunities for him to grow on the farm, something that would bring better economic conditions for the family. He realised that coffee was a very popular product in the region. In his research, he learned that coffee had more, and better commercial opportunities compared to other products. At that moment, Maximo decided to replace the bean production for just coffee. This transformation has generated lots of income and positive changes, not only to his family but to the whole region of Jaén.

In this process, Maximo learns something new every day. He has learned to manage his plantations, take care of his trees and improve the quality year after year. However, Finca Las Guabas is not only Maximo, this is a family business. He works together with his father, mother, and brothers. They decided to start producing specialty coffee two years after embarking the coffee journey when they realised that they liked so much the product, that they wanted to learn more, to obtain more knowledge about agricultural management, and they wanted to be recognised for producing an excellent product. In the short term, the Rupay Family plans to renovate the varieties and grow only traditional ones and improve their drying infrastructure.

Details of Maximo Rupay Ramirez Microlot

A fully washed coffee that is morish and clean with a buttery mouth feel that is sweet and spicy with white grape acidity to finish.

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca Peru
Processing: Fully washed and fermented on cement tanks for 24 hours. Dried on patios covered with tents (parabolic driers)
Cultivar: Arabica Typica, Cataui, Catimor and Pache
Growing Conditions: Highland and semi-shade grown under Guabas and Parujillo trees.
Altitude grown: 1,600 meters above sea level
Characteristics: 5 star complexity with fruit, sweetness and medium-full body
Roast: What we nickname a bump and a kick. Medium charge with intense heat to start. Followed by moderate heat to flatten the ramp rate, browning. Finishing with intense heat and a short development from first crack.
Starting brews:
Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.2 (30sec) AeroPress 17.5g:200g
Plunger 48g:800g Pour over/filter 17.5g:300g

Transparency Information

Sourced from Caravela
FOB price US$4.7/pound
Cupping score 87.5
Logistics Cost ZA19.48 / kg. Coffee was included in a consolidated seasonal order of Colombian coffees.
Producer / Organisation Caravela / Maxmio Rupay Ramirez
lot size bought 1 x 69kg bag
Relationship Our relationship with Caravela goes back to 2008.

Additional information

Coffee category

4. Limited edition


fruit, spice, sweet

Coffee region



5 ★ Limited








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