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  • Bialetti Venus

    Bialetti Venus – stove top espresso (mocha pot)

    R570.00R780.00 incl. VAT

    A Bialetti Venus for making espresso on a stove. The classic moka pot is upgraded to use stainless steel rather than Aluminium. Comes in a range of cup sizes, we offer 2,4 and 6 cup version.

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  • Jura fine foam frother

    Jura fine foam frother

    R780.00 incl. VAT

    Jura fine foam frother for fine milk foam. Compaitble with the easy connect system it creates finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency

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  • Bialetti Moka Express

    Bialetti Moka Express – stove top espresso

    R500.00R700.00 incl. VAT

    A Bialetti Moka Express for making espresso on a stove. The classic moka pot comes in range of cup sizes from 1 to 18 cups.

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  • AeroPress

    AeroPress coffee maker

    R685.00 incl. VAT

    Make coffee anywhere and conveniently. The AeroPress is a portable and impressive coffee maker, combing pressure and filtration in one device. Whether it is used for you daily coffee, when camping or travelling your maker is always at the ready.

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  • Hario coffee grinder Together

    Hario coffee grinder (or mill) Mini and Skerton

    R500.00R680.00 incl. VAT

    Hario coffee grinder selection. Use ceramic burrs as they are known for not transferring heat to the bean and shave rather than slice the bean.

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  • BrewTool tamper 58mm

    BrewTool tamper for 58mm espresso machines

    R650.00 incl. VAT

    BrewTool Stainless Steel 58mm tamper for espresso preparation. Fits all portafilters with a head size of 58mm. A Barista’s friend.

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  • CLARIS water filter

    CLARIS water filter cartridge (in tank)

    R190.00R560.00 incl. VAT

    CLARIS water filter for Jura coffee machines. Recommended for waters harder than 7 degrees hardness or preventing use of descaling tablets.

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  • Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets (6 pack)

    Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets

    R150.00R505.00 incl. VAT

    Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets that come in a 6 pack and bottle of 25. Cleans the coffee pluming in two phases to remove build up of coffee oils.

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  • Gishubi, Burundi (Natural)

    Burundian Gishubi coffee beans (N)

    R500.00 incl. VAT per kg

    A naturally processed coffee from Burundi courtesy of Long Miles Coffee Project and Gishubi hill from the Heza washing station. Good complexity with apricot flavours and caramel aftertaste (2017/18 crop)

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  • Decaf, Le Serrania, Colombia

    Colombian Decaf, La Serrania from Huila coffee

    R500.00 incl. VAT per kg

    La Serrania Decaf from Huila Province in Colombia. From the same area that Los Idolos comes from, this is a quality shade grown decaf, that is decaffeinated at source using sugar cane by product. this coffee has great fruit and is medium bodied, a 4 star complexity coffee.

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  • Asorganica,Cauca,Colombia

    Colombian Asorganica from Cauca coffee beans (FW)

    R500.00 incl. VAT per kg

    This fully washed coffee is from a collective from Cauca in Colombia that grow and produce coffee under the organic certification banner. It is a rich earthy coffee with citric and coca notes. We receive this coffee 3 times a year, so it is always latest crop.

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  • Guatemalan Palo Blanco coffee Quaffee

    Guatemalan Palo Blanco coffee from Huehuetenango (FW)

    R460.00 incl. VAT / kg

    Guatemalan Palo Blanco fully washed coffee from #Huehuetenango. Roast4ed at the Quaffee AT The. Vineyard Hotel.

    Cultivars #Bourbon, #Caturra and #VillaSarchiSarchimor #SpecialtyCoffee#GuatamalanCoffee #PaloBlanco #organic

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  • Kenyan Gatanga

    Kenyan Gatanga PB from Kiambu (FW)

    R460.00 incl. VAT per kg

    A classical fully washed Kenyan coffee with berry acidity and sweetness from the central region of Kenya. #specialtycoffee #washedcoffee #kenyancoffee

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  • Costa Rican San Francisco

    Costa Rican San Francisco coffee (H)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    R460.00 incl. VAT kg

    A honey processed Costa Rican Arabica Coffee from the Tarrazu province. Exhibits subtle mango fruit and hazelnut while enjoying it. #specialtycoffee #honeycoffee #costaricancoffee

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  • Yirgacheffee Kochere, Ethiopia

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Kochere coffee beans (FW)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    R460.00 incl. VAT per kg

    A Yirgacheffee / Yirga Cheffee that does the legend justice! This fully washed coffee is a Grade 1 from Kochere micro region and grows between 1800 and 2000m.

    There is white grape and florals with each sip. This coffee is a good example of mild coffee with 4 stars in complexity. Crop 2017/18.

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  • Los Naranjos, Huila, Colombia

    Colombian Los Naranjos from Huila coffee (FW)

    R460.00 incl. VAT / kg

    Colombian Los Naranjos from Huila. A fully washed pure Arabica coffee known for its sweet orange complexity and medium body. Typically the latest crop.

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