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  • Jura professional fine foam frother

    R900.00 incl. VAT

    Jura professional fine frother for fine milk foam and hot milk. Compatible with the Jura  easy connect system range of coffee machines.

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  • Hario Buono kettle

    Hario Buono kettle

    R795.00R856.00 incl. VAT

    Hario Buono kettle is designed with pour over coffee enthusiasts in mind. Hario’s Buono delivers precise pours thanks to the gooseneck design.

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  • Jura 400ml Vacuum milk container

    Jura 400ml Vacuum Milk Container

    R825.00 incl. VAT

    Jura 400ml Vacuum Milk Container, keeping milk cool for the whole day. Suitable for the standard size Jura coffee machines, which it can connect directly too.

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  • Bialetti Venus

    Bialetti Venus – stove top espresso (mocha pot)

    R570.00R780.00 incl. VAT

    A Bialetti Venus for making espresso on a stove. The classic moka pot is upgraded to use stainless steel rather than Aluminium. Comes in a range of cup sizes, we offer 2,4 and 6 cup version.

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  • Jura fine foam frother

    Jura fine foam frother

    R780.00 incl. VAT

    Jura fine foam frother for fine milk foam. Compaitble with the easy connect system it creates finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency

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  • Barista Hustle Tamper Black

    Barista Hustle Tamper for precision espresso baskets

    R650.00R750.00 incl. VAT

    A 58.4mm diameter tamper fits precision baskets. An unique double flange eliminates the frustrating vacuum effect and helps keep you vertical. The base is made out of 304 stainless steel flat.

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  • Bialetti Moka Express

    Bialetti Moka Express – stove top espresso

    R500.00R700.00 incl. VAT

    A Bialetti Moka Express for making espresso on a stove. The classic moka pot comes in range of cup sizes from 1 to 18 cups.

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  • AeroPress

    AeroPress coffee maker

    R685.00 incl. VAT

    Make coffee anywhere and conveniently. The AeroPress is a portable and impressive coffee maker, combing pressure and filtration in one device. Whether it is used for you daily coffee, when camping or travelling your maker is always at the ready.

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  • Green Sumatran Solok coffee

    Green Sumatran Surian Solok coffee beans (SW)

    R170.00R680.00 incl. VAT

    Green Sumatran Surian Solok a Semi-washed coffee from Western Sumatra with fruit and caramel notes. #IndonesianSpecialtyCoffee.

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  • Green Ecuadorian Martin Vega

    Green Ecuadorian Martin Vega coffee beans (FW)

    R170.00R680.00 incl. VAT

    A fully washed Green Ecuadorian Caturra coffee from Martin Vega, that has cocoa flavours and a apple juice finish. 4 star complexity with a medium body.

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  • Hario coffee grinder Together

    Hario coffee grinder (or mill) Mini and Skerton

    R500.00R680.00 incl. VAT

    Hario coffee grinder selection. Use ceramic burrs as they are known for not transferring heat to the bean and shave rather than slice the bean.

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  • BrewTool tamper 58mm

    BrewTool tamper for 58mm espresso machines

    R650.00 incl. VAT

    BrewTool Stainless Steel 58mm tamper for espresso preparation. Fits all portafilters with a head size of 58mm. A Barista’s friend.

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  • Green Brazilian Sao Paulo

    Green Brazilian Fazenda Sao Paulo coffee beans (PN)

    R145.00R580.00 incl. VAT

    A Green Pulp Natural Arabica Catuai from Fazenda Sao Paulo that has hazelnut and cocoa flavour notes with an orange finish.

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  • Finca Idealista Anaerobic Fermentaton

    Nicaraguan Finca Idealista Extended Anaerobic Fermentation nanolot

    R145.00R580.00 incl. VAT

    Nicaraguan Finca Idealista Extended Anaerobic Fermentation nanolot coffee beans. #nicaraguanspecialtycoffee

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  • CLARIS water filter

    CLARIS water filter cartridge (in tank)

    R190.00R560.00 incl. VAT

    CLARIS water filter for Jura coffee machines. Recommended for waters harder than 7 degrees hardness or preventing use of descaling tablets.

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  • Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets (6 pack)

    Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets

    R150.00R505.00 incl. VAT

    Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets that come in a 6 pack and bottle of 25. Cleans the coffee pluming in two phases to remove build up of coffee oils.

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