Half Decaf, coffee blend roasted at Buitenverwachting

Half Decaf = half La Serrania half Limu, to give you a more flavourful coffee with half the caffeine. A complexity coffee that tolerates some milk.

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Half Decaf, a blend for those that want great flavour but half the decaf.

Natural Decaf

The Decaf we use in this blend is our naturally decaffeinated coffee from Colombia, delicious in its own right. You can read more about this coffee and how it is decaffeinated here: La Serrania Colombia, natural decaf.

Low Decaf coffee

The other coffee we blend is typically an Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopian coffee grows in its natural habitat so it is?typically has the lowest caffeine content. Coffees are highland grown and normally quite fruity, adding to the taste of the half decaf, blend.

Half Decaf, Blend

Taking the two ingredients the half decaf, blend is made specifically for those that love coffee, but show sensitivity to caffeine.

Wit one great coffee that is delicious in its own right and naturally low in caffeine we blend it with our decaf.

This results in a good tasting coffee that is very low in caffeine. A great compromise for a coffee lover.

At the moment this blend is half the La Serrania, Colombia – Huila (Naturally Decaf) and Limu, Ethiopia (a coffee that is mostly grown wild).

No matter how you brew your coffee we believe this is a great coffee.

Interesting facts

Some may say we are a glass half empty naming our blend half decaf instead of the common half caff. We’ve seen other names for this type of blend, but we believe the decaf is the important part of the blend for those that are looking for that.

Some coffee shops when you order half decaf / caff will blend it on the fly taking whatever coffee they have in the caffeinated hopper and then add another half of decaf. Since we love people brewing their own coffee this is not practical.

Did you know many over the counter headache medications also contain caffeine. According to WebMD, caffeine can make pain relievers 40% more effective in treating headaches, and also speeds the body’s reaction to the medications.

Transparency Information

Sourced from Varies on the season
FOB price Listed in each component
Cupping score Typically, between 82-85.
Other Information This is a blend of the decaf coffee we currently have and (or) coffees that grow wild or are organic and score above 83.

Additional information

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Blend, Half Decaf


fruit, sweet


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