Guatemalan El Zorro coffee from Chiquimula (FW) roasted at Vineyard Hotel

Guatemalan El Zorro fully washed coffee from Chiquimula. A Caturra, Catuaí and Bourbon Arabica coffe with caramel and coca.

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Guatemalan El Zorro fully washed coffee from Chiquimula. Sourced from Caravela’s PECA program in Guatemala.


Guatemala is a culturally and climatically diverse country. With volcanic soils, lakes, altitude, and continuous rainfall make it a country ideal for producing mild, high-end coffees. Originally naturally derived dyes, indigo and cochineal were Guatemala’s main exports. However, the invention of chemical dyes in Europe resulted in the collapse of the industry. In search of new opportunities and other export crops, Guatemalans started planting coffee trees. By the mid-1800s, there were already over half a million coffee trees planted around the country. As the government had begun to provide economic incentives encouraging the production of the coffee.

Today, coffee continues to be the largest export crop in the country. Now coffee is grown all over Guatemala. With coffee being grown in the regions of Antigua, Fraijanes, Cobán, Huehuetenango, Atitlan, San Marcos, and in the eastern part. Today one of the biggest challenges for Guatemalan coffee, however, has always been labour issues.

Guatemalan El Zorro

El Zorro is a coffee brand made up of a group of small-scale producers from the department of Chiquimula. Their coffee is called El Zorro honouring the expedition of motorcycles that takes place annually in Guatemala City, going all the way to the “Basilica del Cristo Negro” in Esquipulas. The expedition is called “La Caravana del Zorro” and it is a very popular annual event.

The work between Caravela and the producers responsible for El Zorro started as a result of many cupping sessions that took place in the region. During these sessions, Caravela found the coffees from this area to be perfectly balanced, with notes of chocolate and

About this coffee

We specifically were looking for a Central coffee, that would both stand on its own and complement the rest of the components in the Vineyard blend. After cupping a number of the coffees that Caravela sent us, we settled on the El Zorro, since it was able to stand on its own and would form an essential component of the Vineyard Blend.

Details of Guatemalan El Zorro

Region: Camotan, Olopa and Esquipulas regions, Chiquimula, Gautemala.
FARMERS: Various smallholder farmers
Harvest: Dec 2018 -Jan 2019.
Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried on African beds.
Altitude: 1,250 – 1,600 masl.
Packaging: GrainPro in hessian.
Shade: Ingas, Banana, Pine, Pinabete.
Cultivars: Arabica Caturra, Bourbon and Catuaí
Characteristics: The coffee has smooth mouthfeel, with juicy fruit and nuts.
Roast used: Intense heat flame to start, then a decreasing ramp rate, flame sustained into first crack, when flame it decreased to a minimum and coffee is dumped after a  minute of development.
Our brews:
Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.1 (32secs) AeroPress 16g:180g (fine)
Plunger 48g:800g Pour over/filter 18.5g:300g


Additional information


cocoa, sweet

coffee region



4 ★ Single


Vineyard Hotel


Guatemala, Quaffee


El Zorro


1kg Packet, 250g Box, 500g Packet, 750g Packet


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